Youth Forum for Guernsey and Alderney 

Youth Forum for Guernsey and Alderney 

What do you think? 

What issues are important to you?


We are inviting young people to meet the 2016 election candidates, and discuss the issues important to them ... 

Youth Manifesto


The Youth Forum is a group of young people from across the Bailiwick who represent the views of their peers and issues important to young people. The Youth Forum engages with business and community leaders, senior civil servants and politicians.


The Youth Forum’s primary focus is to provide a voice for young people within the community, and to ensure that young peoples’ voices are heard by those making strategies and decisions, including the 2016 States Election.


On the 29th February 2016, in an event called "Take the States," the Youth Forum met with the Bailiff of Guernsey in the States Chambers, and debated the topics important to young people within the Bailiwick. 


They voted to include the following topics in their Manifesto, and will focus on developing strategies to tackle these issues within the next 2 years:


Mental Health & Well-Being amongst young people 


Equality of Opportunity in Education and the Wider Community 


Strategies to Tackle Climate Change


Diversification of the Island's Economy


We Believe that ... 


... more resources should be allocated to address issues of mental health and wellbeing for young people. Those resources should be distributed equitably across services that work with young people.

… the Bailiwick community should do more to ensure equality of opportunity within education and wider services for all young people within the Bailiwick.

… the Bailiwick should establish a clear strategy to address global warming which prepares Guernsey for future challenges,  and which contributes to world-wide efforts to tackle global warming.

… the Bailiwick should establish a strategy to ensure that the island’s economy is diversified and not reliant on the finance sector.

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Catch a Candidate





This is your opportunity to quiz the candidates standing in

the Districts,

ahead of the April Election!


Come and join us 


Wednesday 6th April at Beau Sejour

Amherst, St Peter Port, GY1 1UU

3.30 - 4.30pm        Vale     St Sampson's     St Peter Port North & South

4.30 - 5.30pm        Castel                          South East                         West  


We'll be tweeting young peoples' questions, and candidates' answers throughout April using the hashtag



If you have any questions about this event, please get in touch 

Do you know how, where and when to vote?

On Wednesday 27th April, islanders in Guernsey will be voting for their favoured election candidates, and this is your chance shape Guernsey’s future. To vote, you must be over 16 years old, and you must have have registered on the Electoral Roll before 29th February. If you are too young - or you haven't registered - don't worry! There are still lots of ways to get involved. 


How do I find out about the candidates?

Profiles of the candidates in your district are available on and their manifestos will detail their key priorities. There will be an opportunity to raise particular questions with  candidates during the #makethestates event on the 6th April or you can contact candidates directly with your questions about the things that matter to you. Theircontact details will be listed in their manifestos.



What if I can't chose who to vote for?

You should read the candidates' manifestos, which are available on the election website. Perhaps there is a particular issue that affects or interests you? Find a candidate who shares your opinions, or a candidate who you think will be a good political leader for the island. If you aren't sure, then ask your friends, family, teachers, and the Youth Forum! We're happy to chat through your ideas, although we can't tell you who to vote for - only you can chose how to use your votes.


How do I vote?

You can vote in person at any polling station in your district between 8am and 8pm (10am to 8pm in St. Sampson). Details of the polling stations are on the Election website. When you arrive, staff will take your details and give you a ballot paper listing the candidates. Complete the paper in one of the provided booths by placing a clearly marked X in the box next to the names of the people that you want to vote for.


Once you’ve voted, post your paper in the ballot box.


How many people can I vote for?

The ballot paper will tell you how many people you can vote for in your district, but you don’t have to use all your votes.  


What if I cannot get to a polling station?

You can apply to vote by post. This means the ballot paper will be sent to your home. You can register online at but need to do so before noon on 22nd April.


If you've got any other questions or concerns, then get in touch with Aaron :-)


There are 7 Districts in Guernsey, which broadly follow parish boundaries. Each District elects a certain number of Deputies who will sit in the States Assembly.


The five or six candidates achieving the most votes will be elected as a Deputy. Districts are represented by a different number of candidates based on their population.


The election candidates all publish their own manifesto, which outlines their thoughts and intentions regarding issues affecting the islands, such as Health, Education, Business and Economy, Waste and Transport.


Castel (5 seats)

Barry Paint, Chris Green, Richard Graham, Sandra James, Mark Dorey, Hunter Adam, Jonathan Le Tocq, Leon Gallienne, Darren Duquemin, Russell Le Conte, Neil Shepard, Ross Le Brun.


St Peter Port North (6 seats)

Charles Parkinson, Michael Henderson, Lester Queripel, Michelle Le Clerc, Marc Leadbeater, Lucia Pagliarone, John Gollop, Rhoderick Matthews, Lilita Kruze, Ivan Rihoy, Rob Harnish, Joe Mooney, Timothy Bush, Caroline McManus.


St Peter Port South (5 seats)

Neil Forman, Jan Kuttelwascher, Barry Brehaut, Rhian Tooley, Peter Ferbrache, Ray Marshall, Mike Garrett, Dawn Tindall, John Halker, Bernard Flouquet. 



South-East (5 seats)

Heidi Soulsby, Mike Hadley, Lindsay De Sausmarez, Rob Prow, Peter Roffey, John Titmuss, Robert Sillars, Greg Archer, Victoria Oliver, Mike O'Hara, Robin Le Prevost, Brian Breban, Stephen Prout. 


St Sampson's (6 seats)

Jane Stephens, Gavin St Pier, Jennifer Merrett, Paul Le Pelley, Lyndon Trott, Kevin Stewart, Martyn Roussel, Tony Webber, Karen Solway, Michael Beaumont, Sam Maindonald, Carl Meerveld.


Vale (6 seats)

Mary Lowe, Simon De La Mare, Garry Collins, Jeremy Smithies, Dave Jones, Laurie Queripel, Matt Fallaize, Sarah Hansmann Rouxel, Neil Inder, William Newman, Trevor Hockey. 


The West (5 seats)

Al Brouard, Andrea Dudley-Owen, Emilie Yerby, David De Lisle, Yvonne Burford, Shane Langlois, Rick Lowe, Arrun Wikie, Martin Petit. 



Who's who in the election?

You can find out more about the 2016 Election at

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