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The Youth Forum is a group of young people from across the Bailiwick who represent the views of their peers and issues important to young people. The Youth Forum engages with business and community leaders, senior civil servants and politicians.


The Youth Forum’s primary focus is to provide a voice for young people within the community, and to ensure that young peoples’ voices are heard by those making strategies and decisions, including the 2016 States Election.


On the 29th February 2016, in an event called "Take the States," the Youth Forum met with the Bailiff of Guernsey in the States Chambers, and debated the topics important to young people within the Bailiwick. 


They voted to include the following topics in their Manifesto, and will focus on developing these 4 strategies, in order to tackle these issues within the next 2 years:

We Believe that ... 

1. Mental Health & Well-Being amongst young people


2. Equality of Opportunity in Education and the Wider Community 


3. Strategies to Tackle Climate Change


4. Diversification of the Island's Economy


… the Bailiwick community should do more to ensure equality of opportunity within education and wider services for all young people within the Bailiwick.

… the Bailiwick should establish a clear strategy to address global warming which prepares Guernsey for future challenges,  and which contributes to world-wide efforts to tackle global warming.

… the Bailiwick should establish a strategy to ensure that the island’s economy is diversified and not reliant on the finance sector.

... more resources should be allocated to address issues of mental health and wellbeing for young people. Those resources should be distributed equitably across services that work with young people.

Download the Youth Forum Manifesto

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