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Inspiring Islanders

Inspiring Islanders

Guernsey 2021 Island Games - Inspiring Islanders booklet

July 3rd will mark that we are three years away from the Guernsey 2021 Island Games – just over 1000 days. To celebrate the occasion the Be Active Forum, the Sports Commission and the 2021 Island Games Committee are planning to circulate the first of a series of on-line booklets entitled ‘Inspiring Islanders’ – the theme of the 2021 Island Games. The booklets will be aimed at youngsters aged 8-14 years and will feature stories and profiles of young people who are inspirational in their engagement with sport and activity.

Profiles will be gathered across a wide spectrum of sports and activities, showcasing inspirational young people who are engaged in sport and activity in any number of ways – supporters, officials, volunteers as well as participants. There will of course be stories from the Islands many high achievers, but equally stories and profiles of all young people who have been touched by sport and activity and who contribute to the Guernsey sports community.

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