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This course can no longer be booked.


If you identify as a young women and would like to work on self-esteem, this is the course for you.

  • Started Apr 11
  • The Youth Commission. The Hub, Unit 6, The Bordage, St Peter Port. Guernsey

Service Description

Athena is a safe space where girls can be themselves, work on self-esteem and confidence and form good friendships. Helping them to be the best they can be - whilst encouraging and supporting one another. If you identify as a young women and would like to work on self-esteem, friendships and feeling comfortable in your own skin in a relaxed and safe environment with like-minded people, then this group is for YOU! Contact to find out more.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

CONSENT INFORMATION (for tick boxes on registration form). Where it states young person, it refers to the young person named on the form. Consent to receive service and agreement to record information The Youth Commission has provided us with information about the service: • The information collected is to help us with supporting the Young person • Records may be kept in paper files for trips etc. They will be stored securely on electronic systems and may include photographs, videos and other personal information; • The Young person has the right to access information recorded about them. • Information will be held in confidence • The Youth Commission encourages you to raise questions and concerns at any stage whilst we work together. Off-Site Activities / Visits Consent I give consent for the young person to be transported in a Youth Commission Project, Staff or Volunteer vehicle (when required) and taking part in lower risk activities – examples of which include: • Visits to places of interest (e.g. Heritage sites). • Visits to other youth projects, including inter youth project events (e.g. football, pool, netball) • Venues to play sport, games, activities (e.g. Bowling, Football) • Attending training and meetings at other venues • Spontaneous shopping trips and eating out (e.g. Supermarket, restaurants, cafes etc.) • Please note. Consent for any higher-risk activity or residential on or off-island trip will require a separate consent form to be completed for each and every separate occasion. Photography / Filming Consent Please note that photography/filming consent is optional, and is only relevant if the young person is participating in group work. If you have ticked this box you have given consent for photographs and video material of the young person, to be used in Youth Commission printed publications, promotional films, web and social media sites including any Guernsey Press, Channel Television or Radio interviews and features. WhatsApp (over 13 only) While we recognize that Whatsapp recommended age is 16 years, we know lots of young people use this as their main method of chat. I give consent for Youth Commission staff to contact my child through Whatsapp or add them to a Whatsapp group related to their youth group/club. The Youth Commission will only use Whatsapp groups with parents / carers or where specifically requested to use with groups of young people.

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PLEASE NOTE: New location for Playscheme La Mare De Carteret High School, Castel

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