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Ever wanted to be in court. Have your say and make a difference? Then Youth States is the place for you.
Help us run the Youth Commission by joining our Youth Forum. Because we in theory, work for you, your voice is important. We let you be part of our interview panel when finding staff that might be working with you, we also appreciate your voice on the services we offer. Who better to tell us what young people need
then young people themselves.
Youth Forum group

Our priority is to make what we offer consistently relevant to young peoples needs
which is why this group is so important. We call on you to help us with all 
out important decisions, so that we can keep our services and values

inline with where they are needed the most.
Photo with the Bailiff.jpg
Youth States group

Keep a eye on our Facebook and Instagram, this is advertised at certain times of the year. We also reach
out through schools. Last year the Y
outh States group voted to make the inclusivity legislation
the priority moving forward. If you care about 
'Guernsey politics' this is the place for you.
“This was the best decision I had ever made. We did an activity on how to speak on camera and not get embarrassed about our voices. It was really interesting hearing about what people had to say. The energy was amazing in the room.”
– Service User, 13

Want to find out about getting involved...

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